Horny Fat Harlot Jumps On A Stiff Cock

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Baby Bear, Mraz

Tags Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Fingering, Fuck Machines, Hardcore

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Added April 14 2014

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This horny fat slut is insatiable! Her name is Baby Bear, and it is a suitable name; this babe is large, wild and she belongs in the zoo! First she rides a Sybian out in the backyard, completely nude. She squats right down on the tool as it thrusts in and out of her pussy on the highest setting. Unsatisfied, and in need of some real man meat, she walks around the grounds until she sees regular sized stud Mraz sunbathing. She wakes him from his slumber with a hot surprise blow job, making him jump up in alarm. However, when he realizes that there is a horny fat slut with a wet pussy waiting to be pleasured, he jumps on board!

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