Lesbian Blow-Up Doll Comes to Life!

From Chocolate Sistas

Starring Exotica, Nikki Vonn

Tags Fingering, Girl On Girl, Oral Sex, Sex Toys

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Added December 25 2010

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Ebony cutie, Exotica, loves fantasizing about other girls, especially when she's pleasuring herself! Why, she's even got a blow up doll fashioned to look like a hot black chick. There must be some old-time Pinocchio magic in the air, because when Exotica turns to her doll and remarks, "I wish you were real.." BLAM! The once inanimate fuck doll springs to life in a plume of smoke! They waste no time getting their lesbian fuck on. Exotica finds extreme delight in finally having a fuck partner who's willing to go to knuckle-deep lengths to get her rocks off!

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